Walking through the blues.

Live the Fairy Tale

Posted on April, 30th 2011 by Marie

Last night, our family dinner was spent watching the Royal Wedding in London. To preface this, I have to tell you that we NEVER watch TV during dinner time. It is a sacred time for us to be together as a family and hear each other’s voices utter more or less meaningful contributions to the ...

True Cool

Posted on April, 28th 2011 by Marie

My husband, God bless him, has been on a mission all his life to express himself. Lately he has discovered a new method – and it has been a bit tough for our 15 year old son to take: It involves driving down parking lots and driveways, with the windows down, blasting loud music and ...

The More Information – The Better?

Posted on April, 25th 2011 by Marie

The more information we have the better, right? In a world of unlimited information at our fingertips, we should be the able to make informed decisions at a drop of a hat. We are able to google anything and learn all we ever wanted (or never wanted) to know about anything or anybody. We can ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."