Walking through the blues.

On Rapture, Fear, Love and Laughter

Posted on May, 21st 2011 by Marie

Walking down the street of my little town by the beach today I found on the sidewalk a set of men’s clothing complete with crushed energy drink can and a set of woman’s clothes inclusive of purse and hat “left behind”. Someone had made a little display of what the Rapture might look like for the ...

Life on the Edge

Posted on May, 9th 2011 by Marie

After our house flooded with hot water last Thursday we have been navigating the internal waters of doubt and uncertainty! Constant adjustments to our routine are happening every minute of the day. The new normal is improvisation!  Continuous reinventions of everyday routines make me realize that we are creatures of habit and monsters of expectation!And then ...

The Blues – The Flood – and The Flow of Life

Posted on May, 5th 2011 by Marie

 This morning started with a phone call from the babysitter that our house had flooded! She sounded calm, yet had an urgency in her voice that let me know that this was indeed pretty serious. Turns out a hot water pipe had burst and flooded the house - and it was ankle deep in many ...

Are You a Slave to Your Interpretations?

Posted on May, 1st 2011 by Marie

 “I watch in horror as the big gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban truck cuts me off on the freeway. The man inside is wearing a leather vest and has a mad look in his eyes. He is for certain a gun toting, Jesus loving, meat eating, Conservative Republican with an agenda to kill all gays and destroy ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."