Walking through the blues.

Are you Living Large?

Posted on October, 21st 2011 by Marie

     I get a lot of questions about the name of my blog and my business: Larger Than Life.... And yes, really that is what so much of our time here on earth is about - living as large, living as fully as at all possible.   To live large can be to live in a way ...

Shift Happens!

Posted on October, 20th 2011 by Marie

     Sometimes it happens! We are all set to embrace a certain direction in our life and then it happens: BLAM!!! A door shuts right in our face as we were ready to walk through it!  .... Shift happens!     So what to do? We can cry and wail. We can stare ourselves blind on the door that closed. We ...

Are you a Professional Energy Waster?

Posted on October, 18th 2011 by Marie

     So many of us do  it... We walk around unconsciously wasting our time and energy on things we don't even want to do. We live in the world of "have to". We plug away working ever harder, and it seems we get less and less done.     When we live life in a state of not ...

What is Life Coaching?

Posted on October, 16th 2011 by Marie

Often we have no clue what we really want!We just sense that our wheels are spinning, and we also are aware that we are not really "getting anywhere." We seem to use a good deal of effort, yet we get pennies on the dollar with regards to return on our "energy investment."We might feel exhausted ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."