Walking through the blues.

Are You Winning The Big Prize?

Posted on March, 30th 2012 by Marie

The excitement is building around the big cash prize in the Multi Million Mega Bucks Lotto. And jeez... who couldn't use a bit of extra cash... Like half a billion extra buckaroos? We all dream of what life would be like if only..... (fill in the blank). Yet, unless you are one of the lucky ...

Out of the Mouth of Babes….

Posted on March, 24th 2012 by Marie

My youngest son is 10. The other day he was at a birthday party, and the birthday boy, one of his class mates, was getting increasingly upset because of what one of the other kids had said to him: "Blake told me that I am a brain dead moron" My son has a big heart ...

“The Bullshit Quotient is Constant!”

Posted on March, 15th 2012 by Marie

I said this "charming" remark to my husband the other day, as a difficult situation in our lives had just been resolved only to be immediately followed by another potential challenge.There is rarely a day that goes by where we humans do not experience some form of grief, sadness, loss, irritation, stress or anger. This is part of life. As ...

What Kind of Energy do You Have?

Posted on March, 12th 2012 by Marie

"What do you mean by "energy?" A client asked me this the other day. So I returned the question back to him."What does your energy mean to you?"We know what it is like when our energy is low, right? Then we feel sluggish and tired. We might reach for an external aid such as a drink heavy on caffeine and sugar. Or start ...

“I’m sorry. I’m not what you wanted.”

Posted on March, 7th 2012 by Marie

     We enter into the experience of parenthood with many different expectations. We want our children to grow up and become successful, rich, fulfilled, passionate, great parents, etc. We want to envision ourselves grow into the perfect grandparent; the archetypal example of proud parental perfection that sprouted such abundance from our loins!     And then many times ...

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