Walking through the blues.

My Many Experiences Of Foot-From-Mouth Removal

Posted on April, 17th 2012 by Marie

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Foot Removal - the Good, the Bad, the Funny, and the Ugly"][/caption] “Excuse me while I remove my foot from my mouth”…  This sentence has come to mind many times in my life. I am a veritable master at saying the right thing at the wrong time. Or to stumble into ...

Why Death Doesn’t Scare Me… (It might not be what you think!)

Posted on April, 15th 2012 by Marie

[caption id="attachment_87" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="Photo by: Jonathan Trout"][/caption] I almost died when I was eight years old. The experience was one of resignation. I had gotten really sick. Nobody, in the whole country of Denmark, could figure out what was wrong with me. Nothing showed up on tests. And as they kept testing, I just ...

The Human Landscape

Posted on April, 12th 2012 by Marie

Add your thoughts here... (optional) My son left High School three months prior to getting his IB Diploma. It scared me. Now he is finding a way to view the world through his camera. His blog chronicles his journey in words and pictures. I walk with him every day sharing his discoveries.

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."