Walking through the blues.

“I Never Get What I Want”

Posted on July, 28th 2012 by Marie

 - "You are always late !" - "I am always the last to know!" - "You never listen to me!" Do you recognize this way of communicating? You probably know a few "Always and Never" people. You might even occasionally use this kind of black and white language yourself. We all feel the need for strong and powerful ...

Are YOU in a Jackpot Relationship?

Posted on July, 20th 2012 by Marie

Yes, of course it is nice to win the jackpot. Yet, a Jackpot Relationship might be both draining and abusive! People in such a relationship might hope that the relationship will magically change for the better even as the same patterns are repeated over and over. It is very much like the gambler who keeps putting money in the slot machine. Every ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."