Walking through the blues.

Energy Vampires – Holiday Style

Posted on December, 28th 2012 by Marie

You know those people.... they drain you of your life force and zap your energy. Just spending a few minutes in their company is sometimes enough to make you feel tired. They may even make you feel bad about yourself, your family, etc. The tactics of energy vampires fall in different categories. If one tactic doesn't work, ...

To Gun Or Not To Gun

Posted on December, 16th 2012 by Marie

Arriving in Denmark with my American family to celebrate Christmas with the Danish part of my family - I was shook at hearing of yet another violent American incident involving weapons and innocent civilians. This time, the most innocent of innocents: Little children. And as my emotions kept me awake for part of that first ...

It’s Only Old Rockers And I Like Them!

Posted on December, 13th 2012 by Marie

Watching the 12-12-12 show last night, the term "70's rock" received a whole new meaning, as several of the most impressive performers were in, or close to, their seventies! And what a great show! Mick Jagger was running around like he always has, and if it were not for the close-ups, you would never have thought he was anything but ...

Surprise – I Look Like S…!

Posted on December, 2nd 2012 by Marie

Yesterday I thought that I was going to a relaxed Saturday afternoon visit at my friend Jen's house. We were going to cook together and catch up while our husbands and kids helped out. I was wearing a t-shirt and slippers, no makeup and had barely put a brush through my hair, thinking I was going ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."