Walking through the blues.

Lessons From A Spraying Toilet

Posted on January, 30th 2015 by Marie

This morning on my walk, I stopped at a public restroom. Bending slightly over the toilet to reach the lever to flush, a few drops of toilet water sprayed in my face. Oh horror! Thoughts of being infected with horrible diseases coursed through my mind as I wiped my face strategically. I felt dirty, and ...

Houston, We No Longer Have A Problem!!!

Posted on January, 22nd 2015 by Marie

When a spaceship enters the atmosphere, the atmospheric drag creates friction heat on the moving vessel, converting vast amounts of kinetic energy into proportionally fiery amounts of thermal energy, slowing its movement down. It is a fiery show of mighty forces. I have felt on such a path of re-entry lately. It is glorious to ...

Can I Parent Without Using Forklifts?

Posted on January, 18th 2015 by Marie

  [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="728"] What is real?[/caption]   Each time I face my failings as a parent, I come to the same realization again and again, yet each time it gets a little more profound. I encounter the scope of my great intentions and the depth of my failings. It is humbling. My sons ...

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