Walking through the blues.

Are You A Fan Of Democracy?

Posted on February, 26th 2017 by Marie

[caption id="attachment_9164" align="aligncenter" width="5900"] Two man are screaming with each other with megaphones in their hands[/caption] It is getting increasingly difficult to have a meaningful debate across party lines. The battle lines have been drawn, and name-calling, slander, confusion, and untruths litter the airwaves. In such an environment, there is no longer a sincere interest ...

Together In The Blues

Posted on November, 9th 2016 by Marie

[caption id="attachment_9126" align="aligncenter" width="1697"] Blues for the Common Good[/caption] When I stand in the audience at a good blues concert, divisions between people fade to the background. I don’t care if the person next to me is wearing nice clothes or not, is a Democrat or Republican, is of the same nationality, race, or faith, or whether ...

Reality Ahead? -Truth-Seekers And Fact-Checkers Unite!

Posted on October, 8th 2016 by Marie

[caption id="attachment_8950" align="aligncenter" width="1697"] Truth or Dare?[/caption] I am probably old-school and boring, because I am madly in love with the pursuit of truth. Ha-ha… how funny is that? We all know that truth is relative, right? It depends on the vantage point of the observer: what is fact to one camp is simply unproven ...

Mayall, Blues Awards, Gratitude and Trout

Posted on May, 10th 2016 by Marie

For once I have only a few words to say and pictures that speak for me. I want to share these extraordinary moments from last week with you. If you ever think that you can't make a difference, Walter is living proof that the combined will and actions of many can move mountains. The Blues ...

Letting Go

Posted on March, 30th 2016 by Marie

[embed][/embed] A few days ago, the sounds of Frederica was emanating from the rehearsal space in our garage. Walter was demonstrating to our son, Jon, how the chordal skeleton is put together. Before long I could hear that emotion was blowing life into the song as it streamed towards me through the hallway of our ...

Attitude Adjustment Delivered By The Flu

Posted on January, 2nd 2016 by Marie

How having the flu  opened my eyes. Emerging from a stupor of flu-caused bedridden isolation in my bedroom, I walk into our local coffee shop for my morning cup of joe. This is the first time I venture outside for days, and I feel hyper sensitive. It is almost as if being sick was a ...

When The Holidays Aren’t The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Posted on December, 28th 2015 by Marie

How to manage expectations during the holiday season when your life is full of pain. It is impossible to be in shopping malls and restaurants at this time of year without hearing Andy Williams crooning about, how the holidays are “the most wonderful time of the year” But that doesn’t exactly ring true when we ...

Merry Christmas

Posted on December, 25th 2015 by Marie

Yesterday at the Christmas Eve service at our church, our family was asked to reflect on a time in our lives when we have felt lost, yet felt the power of unconditional love in our lives. I want to share it with you. When there is so much suffering in the world, what can we do? ...

Why Shock and Awe Campaigns by Themselves only Benefit the Jihadist Agenda

Posted on November, 18th 2015 by Marie

Here is my next article about terrorism. Please follow the link. I write for the Bern Report from my vantage point of being Danish/American. Not to take sides politically.

Four Personal Commitments to Combat Terrorism

Posted on November, 14th 2015 by Marie

[caption id="attachment_8584" align="alignnone" width="891"] Is there a way to combat violence?[/caption] Another horrific event – this time in Paris last night – rocked my nervous system. I heard about it just as I was coming off an airplane from a business trip to Europe, and my gut instinct was outrage and a profound sense of ...

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