Walking through the blues.

An Over-Looked Key To Success?

Posted on June, 17th 2012 by Marie

Maybe you watched the other night as Nik Wallenda braved the wire stretched across Niagara Falls? Obviously, it was amazing to watch a man live his dreams, to plan, to focus, to build a team, to risk it all, and succeed! All of the planning steps he took before he even put a foot on the wire ...

What is Life Coaching?

Posted on October, 16th 2011 by Marie

Often we have no clue what we really want!We just sense that our wheels are spinning, and we also are aware that we are not really "getting anywhere." We seem to use a good deal of effort, yet we get pennies on the dollar with regards to return on our "energy investment."We might feel exhausted ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."