Walking through the blues.

Energy Vampires – Holiday Style

Posted on December, 28th 2012 by Marie

You know those people.... they drain you of your life force and zap your energy. Just spending a few minutes in their company is sometimes enough to make you feel tired. They may even make you feel bad about yourself, your family, etc. The tactics of energy vampires fall in different categories. If one tactic doesn't work, ...

The Dark Side of the Holidays – Or the Best Season that Money Can’t Buy!

Posted on November, 22nd 2012 by Marie

Some of us go into this season dreading it.... We have a sense of impending doom, when we think of the long to-do lists that loom, when we consider all the decorating, cooking, buying, giving and planning that goes into the season. Some find that the financial situation is so tight that being able to live ...

Parenting Teens – Hello Fear, Shame And Guilt

Posted on August, 28th 2012 by Marie

A few years ago, one of my teenage sons looked at me with contempt and blasted the following remark in my face: "You just want me to do well, so you can brag about me to your friends. Well, I am not a piece of property you can shine up and show off!" Ouch.... And I did ...

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