Walking through the blues.

Energy Vampires – Holiday Style

Posted on December, 28th 2012 by Marie

You know those people.... they drain you of your life force and zap your energy. Just spending a few minutes in their company is sometimes enough to make you feel tired. They may even make you feel bad about yourself, your family, etc. The tactics of energy vampires fall in different categories. If one tactic doesn't work, ...

How A Bad Pentecost Experience Lit Up My Memorial Day

Posted on May, 28th 2012 by Marie

I was (late) on my way to church yesterday and found myself annoyed at the dust in my car. IT was FUNKY! Then some dude cut in front of me and "made me" miss an opportunity to blast through the intersection, just as the slowest light in town was turning red. Finally once ensconced in ...

The Merry Shopping Season

Posted on November, 28th 2011 by Marie

          We eat ourselves into a coma gorging on as much food as we can stuff in our bellies on Thanksgiving and then rush out before dawn and try to stuff our shopping carts with more stuff... Stuff, stuff, stuff... Are we happier after all that food? Does the rush to consume make us feel ...

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