Walking through the blues.

How Mumbai Changed My World

Posted on February, 21st 2013 by Marie

"Oh my God, what is that SMELL?" The words popped out of my mouth, as we were being transported back to our 5 star hotel well into the wee hours after having played a gig in the City of Mumbai, India. We were going by one of the poorer areas of the city, and of course I ...

Why Death Doesn’t Scare Me… (It might not be what you think!)

Posted on April, 15th 2012 by Marie

[caption id="attachment_87" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="Photo by: Jonathan Trout"][/caption] I almost died when I was eight years old. The experience was one of resignation. I had gotten really sick. Nobody, in the whole country of Denmark, could figure out what was wrong with me. Nothing showed up on tests. And as they kept testing, I just ...

Grass Always Greener Where?

Posted on January, 3rd 2012 by Marie

     You know these people: There is never anything good about the situation in which they happen to be in presently. It will always be better when......or it would be better if only.... or they can't wait until.......They move around in their life looking either forward to things or reminiscing over events from the past. They exist in a ...

Live the Fairy Tale

Posted on April, 30th 2011 by Marie

Last night, our family dinner was spent watching the Royal Wedding in London. To preface this, I have to tell you that we NEVER watch TV during dinner time. It is a sacred time for us to be together as a family and hear each other’s voices utter more or less meaningful contributions to the ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."