Walking through the blues.

Attitude Adjustment Delivered By The Flu

Posted on January, 2nd 2016 by Marie

How having the flu  opened my eyes. Emerging from a stupor of flu-caused bedridden isolation in my bedroom, I walk into our local coffee shop for my morning cup of joe. This is the first time I venture outside for days, and I feel hyper sensitive. It is almost as if being sick was a ...

Do You Do This?

Posted on June, 13th 2012 by Marie

I almost fell down and busted my rear as I was reaching over the fence into the neighbor's yard. [caption id="attachment_185" align="aligncenter" width="584"] My son heard me yell and came and took this snap shot of me... By then I had composed myself![/caption] I was balancing on my step stool while attempting to cut the ...

My Many Experiences Of Foot-From-Mouth Removal

Posted on April, 17th 2012 by Marie

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Foot Removal - the Good, the Bad, the Funny, and the Ugly"][/caption] “Excuse me while I remove my foot from my mouth”…  This sentence has come to mind many times in my life. I am a veritable master at saying the right thing at the wrong time. Or to stumble into ...

Beepers, Bleep’ers and Blinkers

Posted on December, 8th 2011 by Marie

    So we are in Paris a few summers ago and about to leave our quaint hotel in Montmartre to drive down to the French Riviera. I have rented a car and need to pull over in the tiny side street where there is no room to park - no room to pull over so ...

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."