Walking through the blues.

When The Holidays Aren’t The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Posted on December, 28th 2015 by Marie

How to manage expectations during the holiday season when your life is full of pain. It is impossible to be in shopping malls and restaurants at this time of year without hearing Andy Williams crooning about, how the holidays are “the most wonderful time of the year” But that doesn’t exactly ring true when we ...

Why Shock and Awe Campaigns by Themselves only Benefit the Jihadist Agenda

Posted on November, 18th 2015 by Marie

Here is my next article about terrorism. Please follow the link. I write for the Bern Report from my vantage point of being Danish/American. Not to take sides politically.

“The Gospel of Us Versus Them”

Posted on October, 15th 2015 by Marie

Post two in the "Independence Corner" series is up. Click here to be re-directed. Or follow this link:  

Telling it like it is – On-and Offline – in Sickness and Health

Posted on October, 8th 2015 by Marie

I was scared out of my wits, when I first started writing updates about Walter’s journey to get a liver transplant. His body was failing a little more all the time. He was becoming physically, emotionally, and mentally unrecognizable, and both his and my emotions were all over the place. Everything was so uncertain. The ...

Living in the 10%

Posted on April, 10th 2015 by Marie

One year ago, Walter and I spent our first whole day at the Nebraska Medical Center.  He would undergo thorough testing for them to evaluate, if he could qualify for getting on the waiting list for a liver transplant there. We had left our home and our kids behind in Southern California. I was devastated ...

Lessons From A Spraying Toilet

Posted on January, 30th 2015 by Marie

This morning on my walk, I stopped at a public restroom. Bending slightly over the toilet to reach the lever to flush, a few drops of toilet water sprayed in my face. Oh horror! Thoughts of being infected with horrible diseases coursed through my mind as I wiped my face strategically. I felt dirty, and ...

Life with Wonder (Bread)

Posted on October, 13th 2014 by Marie

The Sandwich Generation… You’ve heard the phrase no doubt… and it is exactly how it sounds…. When we are squeezed between two very demanding groups of people – namely our parent(s) on the bottom, and our kids on top of us, it is hard to really find our full expression. We tend to sort of ...

Who are you?

Posted on January, 12th 2014 by Marie

What is it you always knew you wanted to do, but never seemed to get around to doing? Living in the shadow of a dream wastes our life force. We feel like we are not quite satisfied no matter what.  It is because we never really get to do that which would fill us up, so we distract ourselves with ...

A Surprise Gift From Above

Posted on July, 12th 2013 by Marie

Today on my morning walk, a feather fell from the sky and landed vertically the grass right next to where I was walking. It came spiraling out of the sky and ended up with its end drilled into the grass, and thus inserting itself perfectly upright in the grass. As if someone in the sky ...

When it Rains it Pours – Personal and Spiritual Practice in the Face of Adversity

Posted on July, 6th 2013 by Marie

    This is my second attempt at writing this post… the first one was eaten up by the software-updating gods at It happened after I had spent hours on refining it and getting it just right…. From now on I am writing in Microsoft word and cutting and pasting into my blog…. Lesson ...

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