Walking through the blues.

Attitude Adjustment Delivered By The Flu

Posted on January, 2nd 2016 by Marie

How having the flu  opened my eyes. Emerging from a stupor of flu-caused bedridden isolation in my bedroom, I walk into our local coffee shop for my morning cup of joe. This is the first time I venture outside for days, and I feel hyper sensitive. It is almost as if being sick was a ...

The Dark Side of the Holidays – Or the Best Season that Money Can’t Buy!

Posted on November, 22nd 2012 by Marie

Some of us go into this season dreading it.... We have a sense of impending doom, when we think of the long to-do lists that loom, when we consider all the decorating, cooking, buying, giving and planning that goes into the season. Some find that the financial situation is so tight that being able to live ...

The Merry Shopping Season

Posted on November, 28th 2011 by Marie

          We eat ourselves into a coma gorging on as much food as we can stuff in our bellies on Thanksgiving and then rush out before dawn and try to stuff our shopping carts with more stuff... Stuff, stuff, stuff... Are we happier after all that food? Does the rush to consume make us feel ...

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