Walking through the blues.

“What a monumental discourse into the mysteries and pleasures of the blues and a wonderful addition to one’s library.”
– John Mayall, “the Godfather of British Blues,” Blues Hall of Fame inductee

“Incredible research unearthing things I never knew! Totally captivating.”
– Jim Gaines, multi-Grammy winning producer/engineer Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Lee Hooker

“This book is wildly, incredibly brilliant. I never knew why I loved the blues – and now I do. What a fabulous read.”
– Caroline Myss, New York Times bestselling author of Anatomy of the Spirit

“As a veteran blues journalist with 5000 interviews under my belt, I’ve struggled for decades to understand what makes musicians find bliss in their obsession with documenting catharsis and improvising the results for thousands of people. Through an academic study, Dr. Trout connects the dots, pulls together the threads, and validates what I’ve been trying to prove forever: that blues is America’s cultural gift to the world.”
– Donald E. Wilcock, blues scholar, author of Damn Right I Got The Blues- Buddy Guy and the Blues Roots of Rock-and-Roll

“For a true appreciation of the enduring power of the blues, Dr. Marie Trout cleverly highlights the connection between music and consciousness in a way that breaks new ground.”
– Bruce D Schneider, PhD, author of Energy Leadership, founder of iPEC Coaching

“Marie Trout has done something quite unique. Many can write about the business of the blues, but not many can speak personally about the tribulations along the way. Although she may not play or sing blues for a living, there’s no question about her personal contact with the blues. I recommend you read this unique perspective.”
– Joe Louis Walker, Grammy Award winning blues musician, Blues Hall of Fame inductee

“Marie Trout’s, THE BLUES, is a fascinating work of social history about fans of blues music. Her insightful analysis also sheds new light on events in the broader society and her findings will be of great interest to sociologists and social psychologists.”
– Raymond Moody MD, PhD, world-renowned scholar and researcher, award-winning author of Life After Life

“From where the blues came to where the blues are going, a fascinating journey of a universal genre. Wonderfully written and totally relevant.”
– Sandy Carrol, Memphis-based contemporary blues singer/songwriter

“Standing on deep inquiry, this book is a landmark… a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in the blues. Phenomenal.”
– Stephen Dale Petit, Musician, New Blues Ambassador and writer

“The Blues – Why It Still Hurts So Good is a breathtakingly complex and beautiful exploration of a musical genre that embodies powerful healing potential for the world. In part, because through Trout’s study of current blues fans, she demonstrates how blues contains a universal language capable of expressing our shared experience and connectedness. The Blues is both groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting in its complexity! She employs a lens that ranges from blues history and blues legends to blues wisdom and the neuroscience of feelings, and how we are affected by a genre that insists on “telling it like it is!” A truly extraordinary musical journey and an important historical, intellectual, and creative contribution to an important genre.”
– Belvie Rooks, essayist, educator, and producer

“While there are many good blues artist biographies, we have lacked a concise empirical study of why so many people love the blues. Until now. Marie Trout’s groundbreaking book fills that sorely missing gap, and does so in an enlightening and entertaining manner. This is an important book, and an enjoyable read. Anyone who wonders why so many people love the blues, will not only want to own, but to share Marie Trout’s The Blues.
– Jesse Finkelstein, author, attorney at law, and broadcaster of Blues Radio International

“In her book, The Blues – Why It Still Hurts So Good, Marie Trout adeptly explains to the reader how the music of the blues captivates and then emotionally impacts the listener. Her work is grounded in academic research yet accessible to all, and her theses are made even more impactful by the manner in which she weaves her personal story, as well as that of other blues fans, artists, and professionals, into the narrative. This book is the perfect read for the blues lover who wants to better understand his or her own connection to the music. But I would also strongly recommend it to the music fan who is confused by the passion with which blues lovers are drawn to this specific genre. If each of us could connect to the stirring power of the blues of which she speaks, perhaps we might better identify with each other, or even more, connect with our inner selves to find that peace and healing which we ultimately seek.”
– Barbara B. Newman, President and CEO of the Blues Foundation

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"We are more alike than we are different. This is the story of the blues."