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  • Marie Trout

Are you a Professional Energy Waster?

So many of us do it… We walk around unconsciously wasting our time and energy on things we don’t even want to do. We live in the world of “have to”. We plug away working ever harder, and it seems we get less and less done.

When we live life in a state of not being aware, we spread ourselves thin. We work ourselves to the bone. We get exhausted. This is what happens when our energy is caught up in what Andrew Harvey calls our “Universal ADD.” We are busy with a million things and thoughts all at once, yet feel we do none of it well. We are inundated with input all day long, and still at the end of the day have a sense that we didn’t really complete any of it well, or that what we did was not really satisfying.

Yet, when we are conscious and deliberate, we discover that we are in control and we focus and concentrate much better. We choose our actions. We focus our energy with clarity. We concentrate on each moment with clear presence of mind. This is where we enter the world of “want to”. We enjoy the smile from our co-worker (we are actually able to observe it,) we taste the sweetness of each moment no matter what we are doing.

So what is the difference? It is simply being aware that what you are doing is a choice. It is what you choose to do in this very moment! This means that you are being conscious; it is a deliberate commitment you are making!

In reality this is what this everyday kind of consciousness feels like:

If you have a cup of coffee, enjoy it! If you are at your desk working – set mini goals and timelines for yourself and pat yourself on the back when you accomplish each one. If you do stuff you “have to do” – do it with a focus of what the task will mean to you. What will be the outcome of this task for you? How will you feel when you have done it successfully?

Have a deliberate, energetic and aware day!

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