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  • Marie Trout

Are you Living Large?

I get a lot of questions about the name of my blog and my business: Larger Than Life…. And yes, really that is what so much of our time here on earth is about – living as large, living as fully as at all possible.

To live large can be to live in a way that allows us to connect to all aspects of our being. Our intellect, our spirituality, our emotions and our body. All aspects of us work together in a conscious way to maximize precisely the kind of results we want. It is not about “having” or “doing”… it is about “being”!

Many of us get “stuck” in one or several of aspects of ourself, and have a hard time integrating all we are into the equation. This is often founded in a need to judge. We judge ourselves – and then start judging others.

A fundamental change happens when we become more aware of our own need to judge. We discover that many times our need to judge are really because we are limiting ourselves. So as we become conscious, in just this one area of our lives, we discover that some of our judgment is a direct result of stuff we really wanted to have/do/say ourselves but we at some point stopped ourselves from having. We think along the lines of:

“No that is not for me.” “No, I can’t say/do/feel like her or him.” “That is for others to do.” “I could NEVER do that”

We live in a state of “wanting it” but at the same time prohibit ourselves from “getting it”. And then we start projecting our own state of “lacking it” onto others and judge them for “having it!”

As we discover our own need to judge others, we are often surprised to find how much of this need is founded in a limiting belief that we have to keep ourselves from being who we really are! We are not talking envy here! No, this is how we systematically play small and project our need for greatness onto others, because we believe we are not “all that!”

So how can you live a little larger today? Enjoy the journey!

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