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  • Marie Trout

Boredom – Blessing or Curse?

Sometimes boredom sets in. We go through day after day seemingly with the same beginning, middle part and end. So very BOOOORING! We eat the same breakfast, have the same conversations, do the same tedious tasks over and over.

So when your “boredom alarm” goes off what can you do?

One way to look at it might be to appreciate that boredom sometimes is a signal that something is out of balance.

  • We might be at the effect of life – feeling victimized by our “have to’s” and our “shoulds”.

  • Many times we do what we do because we believe that others expect it. They may not!

  • Sometimes we do what we do because we think that we are the only ones that can do it – when in reality others might really want to do it in a different way. They might just be letting us “run with it” because they believe we won’t share the task.

  • At times we forget the blessing in our routine, because we focus on the parts of it that we don’t like! Here a simple re-focus on all we enjoy about it, is what we need to remind us of how lucky we really are.

  • Often doing what we do every day ultimately serves a greater purpose than our immediate gratification. Our work can be seen as an expression of love towards those who benefit from it. And remembering this can change the way it feels.

I also believe we all wish to not just be the ones who are going through our lives in endless cycles of mindless spin on each our own personal virtual “hamster wheels”.

Maybe this is the search and a quest for many of us? From the preacher searching for a way to make his sermon relevant for his congregants to the business owner who is surveying the market for a new and yet untapped niche! We are all in each our own way searching for ways to be of relevance! Our goals and our method vary immensely, yet it is the same inner urge: To matter, to make a difference, to be powerful enough to attract and create momentum!

Maybe on a cosmic scale this motive is wired into creation: To not just be scattered dust floating aimlessly around in the Universe, but to create solidity, eventually forming a gravitational pull that shapes, self-generates and becomes an organizational manifestation! Maybe this urge to manifest our life purpose is hard-wired into our very DNA?

Speculation aside, it is clear that on some level we all want to live knowing that our time here on earth means something!

And many times what we interpret as being boring and repetitive serves a purpose that greatly assists others, and benefits us too. And maybe it doesn’t. Working with a coach can help shed clarity, create plans and find out if the boring and repetitive tasks in your life ultimately help you to live your life purpose – or if they simply are getting in the way of connecting to it!

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