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  • Marie Trout

E-mail by Invitation Only

Lately I have been traveling a lot. As I am using a tablet PC for my travels, I often do not empty my e-mail account for the duration of my travel. And so within a couple of days it reaches its limit! Every company, every campaign, every charity, every travel organization, every cause and every entertainment outlet I have ever been in contact with has automatically added me to their e-mail blast lists. And it finally reached unbearable proportions. I was drowing in requests for my participation! I was suffocating in attempts to get my attention. My e-mail inbox was shouting at me with requests: Sign this petition, buy this product, eat this and thrive, etc. And I do have overactive spam filters and still I was barraged!

It struck me that this is a perfect analogy of the information-rich reality we live in. We have every opportunity for being of service (or being serviced) every second of every day! And I realized that even when I quickly deleted the e-mails, their messages somehow penetrated my defenses and made me have thoughts along the lines of: “Well, I could do that – or I should do this…or maybe I ought to buy this or do this?” In other words this onslaught of requests was little by little draining my energy and taking some time out of every day to:

1. Erase dozens of e-mails 2. Dealing with not doing or actually doing what they were asking of me.

I felt powerless over the e-mail monster that had taken occupancy in my inbox! It was zapping certain amounts of energy of me every day!

So today I have systematically opened each bulk e-mail that came to me and whether it is a cause dear to my heart or not, I have scrolled down to the bottom of the e-mail and found the little blurry link that says: Click here to unsubscribe.. And I have!

From now on I feel in charge of what cause I support or what product I want to buy and when! I am in control over which e-mail I allow into my inbox! Just as I live in charge of who I let into my house, my life and my friendship circle – now my e-mail inbox is by invitation only!!! And it feels great! I recommend it wholeheartedly!!!

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