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  • Marie Trout

Out of the Mouth of Babes….

My youngest son is 10. The other day he was at a birthday party, and the birthday boy, one of his class mates, was getting increasingly upset because of what one of the other kids had said to him:

“Blake told me that I am a brain dead moron”

My son has a big heart and was trying to think of something to say – and suddenly plugged into his own inner memory bank of things he remembers hearing somewhere. He went up to the by now crying birthday boy, who was surrounded with parents trying to console. Out of his mouth the following words spilled cooling and soothing like healing water:

“What others say and do define them 100% – what you say and do define you 100%”

The adults were stopped dead in their tracks. The hurt birthday boy stopped crying. And the party went on.

I sat back and felt amazed. One little sentence that I had been taught by my own coaching mentor, Keith Miller, put to use at just the right time and place – and it was like magic. I was proud of my son of course – and I felt so thankful to have been able to teach him some of the powerful coaching techniques that enable us to roll with the punches rather than having them stop us dead in our tracks.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you here. And of course some of the tools and techniques that work like magic to reframe and redefine our lives in and out of the world of coaching.

Much love,


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