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  • Marie Trout

What is Life Coaching?

Often we have no clue what we really want!

We just sense that our wheels are spinning, and we also are aware that we are not really “getting anywhere.” We seem to use a good deal of effort, yet we get pennies on the dollar with regards to return on our “energy investment.”We might feel exhausted and a large part of our energy appears to be wasted. We do not get the results we want. We find ourselves easily frustrated, angered or saddened. We might feel out of control, depressed or anxious!

Life is not a spectator sport, yet we might feel that we are sitting in the bleachers watching other people play the game, while we are wasting all our time and energy simply cheering or jeering. “Life is hard,” we say and shrug our shoulders!

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Coaching can help you to connect those spinning wheels to the track!

And what happens? Well, you start moving in the direction of your choosing! You are no longer merely watching the game being played, you are playing it! You discover that just like an athlete you can train your success muscles and experience them grow and become increasingly adept at handling every activity you choose to participate in! You realize that winning or losing is not what truly matters – all that matters is that you play! And that you learn to focus your energy to work for exactly what you want, rather than wasting it on what you really do not want. Now you also discover that you can be infinitely more efficient and loving towards other people in your life.

It is not just you that benefits! It is everybody around you!

Larger than Life Coaching takes people from merely “ok” to optimal! We help our clients to connect to their passion in new ways. Clients discover their innate power. Not power over others, but power to be who they truly are! This is where those spinning wheels get traction! And it gets exciting to see what happens! As a train or a stage coach moves from station to station, you build on success after success.

You discover that not only do you have all it takes for you to live the life you want, everything you have ever experienced has given you exactly the tools you need to achieve it! Visit my Website to read more and feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have.

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