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What Kind of Energy do You Have?

“What do you mean by “energy?”

A client asked me this the other day. So I returned the question back to him.

“What does your energy mean to you?”

We know what it is like when our energy is low, right? Then we feel sluggish and tired. We might reach for an external aid such as a drink heavy on caffeine and sugar. Or start looking into healthier eating choices, a new vitamin regimen or even expensive treatments. “High-energy” can likewise be seen as an unwanted state of being where associations of machine-gun mouth, hyper-activity and super-animation comes to mind.

Our energy is all around us and in us, yet in many ways it might seem to be a diffuse quality; difficult to harness or assess and certainly not tangible.

How is “your energy”? Do you have “great energy” about you and a high level of engagement? Or are you someone who feels constantly drained of energy who struggle to complete tasks and procrastinates? How does having your personal energtic make-up play into your level of success in generating what you want in life? How does it impact your level of productivity? What would be different for you, if you could know exactly how to use your energy most efficiently?

One of the things I have loved studying lately is this very issue. To learn to gauge and direct my own energy – and to help others identify and improve on theirs. The term “Energy” used in this way encompasses every thought, emotion and action that we employ in our lives. And this is far beyond mere “positive thinking”. It is about understanding that we can be conscious and deliberate about our choices or choose to let our circumstances rule and regulate us. It is about being able to harness the incredible power in the interplay between our energy and our level of engagement. Engagement in projects. In work. In play. In life!

Now there are things we cannot choose of course. The sky is blue or it is raining…. We can’t always choose what happens around us, but we can choose how we respond to it, what it means to us and thereby also have an impact on the outcome. However, if our energy is mired in subconscious gunk from the past and we are steeped in reactive and unconscious thought patterns, we will often react in ways that are counter-productive to the outcome we really want. We might also find ourselves “running on empty” and find that we choose to point the finger at our circumstances or someone else, rather than seeing what we can do about it.

When you find yourself curious about your own energy – let me know. I have an amazing, quick and inexpensive assessment tool to help you assess your own energy. It will clearly show you what kind of energy you have! How would it be for you to see your own energetic profile charted out in black and white? What might it mean to you to realize exactly what might be holding you back?

Send me an e-mail – and I will fill you in! This assessment can be done in about 20 minutes of your time on your computer.

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