Marie Trout PhD

Manager. Author. Podcaster


Marie is Danish and has lived 30 years in Southern California. Traveling extensively all over the world as long-term manager for Walter Trout, an internationally acclaimed blues rock artist, she views the world through a wide lens. 


Her first book, The Blues – Why it Still Hurts so Good, raised $12,000 for the HART Fund, helping musicians without healthcare. The book was based on a Grounded Theory study completed for her PhD dissertation about the role of blues to modern fans.


She is currently finishing the manuscript for her second book, a memoir.


During the Covid-19 crisis, she started a podcast, Deep Dives in Extraordinary Times interviewing people who in each their own way contribute deep insights in times of crisis and change. 


Born in Århus, Denmark in 1962, growing up Marie often felt alone and that she was “a bit of a strange bird.” Torn between interest in psychology, writing, and love of learning, she settled on a BA in Education. During her studies, she managed a night club, and upon graduating, she started an advertising sales company....

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