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  • Marie Trout

Merry Christmas

Yesterday at the Christmas Eve service at our church, our family was asked to reflect on a time in our lives when we have felt lost, yet felt the power of unconditional love in our lives.

I want to share it with you. When there is so much suffering in the world, what can we do?

We remember a time, when we were cowering in uncertainty, powerlessness, and fear. Walter was at death’s door. He needed a liver transplant, and we were running out of time. Why does God allow suffering? Why does God allow cruelty, war, misery, unfairness, heartache, hunger, disease, and untimely death? None of us have the answer. But when we were in the depths of despair, we felt God’s love all around us. It was tangible. We found it in the multicolored miracle of each new sunrise watched from the 5th floor of the liver ward. We found it in birds’ song, children’s laughter, and music performed with feeling. We found it in the miracle of kindness extended to us from near and far by people like you, who sent messages, cards, and all kinds of support. These were manifestations of the light of God that lit our path. And all we had to do was to dare to receive. Nowhere is God closer to us than when we suffer. Nowhere are we closer to the true meaning of Christmas than when we extend random acts of kindness to those who need it. When we do, we make the love of the universe believable to others.

May you find a way to make the miracle of the Season come true to you, to those you love, and to those you extend your compassion to. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew. Pan-spiritual, or Agnostic – may your heart be filled with kindness, love, and goodwill.

Merry Christmas,


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