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  • Marie Trout

Who are you?

What is it you always knew you wanted to do, but never seemed to get around to doing?

Living in the shadow of a dream wastes our life force. We feel like we are not quite satisfied no matter what. It is because we never really get to do that which would fill us up, so we distract ourselves with all those other “to-do” items that are on our lists.

We want to live our dreams, but for some reason we cannot figure out how to manifest them, and because we cannot live the dream right away – here and now – we stop believing in it. We tell ourselves that our dream is not possible and that we are doomed to a life in a perpetual state of mediocre “good enough”.

Or we try reaching for our dream and run into obstacles – and then we take that as a sign that our dream is far-fetched and really not realistic anyway… we stop and feel bitter.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

We do typically not learn how to realize our own dreams, but internalize instead how to live everybody else’s. School teaches us how to live up to its learning and testing standards but often fail to teach us how we can be true to that inner voice; our authentic selves. We often don’t learn how we can live full lives where our talents and unique abilities benefit ourselves as well as others. Later in life, the pattern is set, and we keep trying to live up to what we THINK is the standards of others: The expectations of our spouse, our friends, our work, etc.

As a result we get stuck in a mindset that wonders when it is our turn to “get a slice of the pie”. We turn our aspirations to cheap thrills and temporary personal fixes (shopping therapy or too many cocktails at the bar, etc.) And we find ourselves always two steps behind those who seem to live their dreams. We wonder, why our lives seem to never quite be in sync. “Life is hard” we sigh, as we watch bills mount – the accounts payable for some reason never includes us – and a sense of dread and sadness eats at us from within.

If this sounds like you – just send me a quick e-mail at . It is easier than you think to set your dreams free to work their magic in your life. And the first step is just to connect to your curiosity about finding out what your personal dream really looks like – and what it feels like to live more in step with your life purpose.

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